[ogg-dev] Is this project still ongoing?

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 04:29:53 PDT 2007

On 12/04/07, shark huang <shark.hh at gmail.com> wrote:

(subject: Is this project still ongoing)

This depends which 'project' you mean.  You've
posted to ogg-dev, the libogg api itself hasn't needed
to change much, though this change made it in:
I think Monty's statement there sums it up:
"libogg1 isn't particularly frozen, it was just considered
'finished' is all."  Last I heard  Monty is still working on
libogg2 when he gets time, which isn't often.

Xiph in general, there's stuff happening, although
most of it is peripheral to what you might think are
the central projects (Vorbis and Theora).  Looking
at the SVN I can see there are still tweaks being
made here and there.  This year there has been lots
of discussion on surround/multichannel vorbis; see
almost any month so far in 2007 from vorbis-dev.
This has also led to the ambisonics resource on the
wiki.  Aoyumi's aoTuV encoder tweaks got to beta5
in November last year and I understand some of
those will eventually end up in the reference encoder.

XiphQT continues to make progress, with the recent
addition of encoding and multichannel support.

Annodex and XPSF are both progressing.  Annodex's
liboggplay is forging ahead and I think one aim is the
creation of a Firefox extension to handle Xiph codecs.
liboggz receives attention from time to time.  Annodex
is apparently moving to being hosted by Xiph now.
I still don't really understand what XPSF is all about,
but there is now libspiff to generate it and the validator.
Tahseen's summer of code work last year has added
Skeleton support to many of the reference tools.

So things are happening.  There isn't going to be a
new release of vorbis-tools tomorrow, what's going on
at the moment is more about expanding support and
availability.  Anyway, that's probably more than you
wanted to know and certainly more than I meant to


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