[ogg-dev] oggfile, skeleton and vorbis tools

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>> This is something we might want to extend skeleton to support, i know 
>> we've talked about this kind of thing before. So that skeleton can 
>> provide some kind of mapping as to how the various streams relate to each 
>> other.
> You need player support to be able to collect the options and present
> them to the user.  Without skeleton and something like a fully capable
> oggfile you can't do it, as you've pointed out you can mix Speex and
> Vorbis. (I recently, accidently, had a file which contained mp3 and
> Vorbis.  Obviously no Xiph tool will ever handle or produce that.)  So,
> with the aim that it's intended for simple audio only players (probably
> ones already using it, or operating with limited resources), what
> should vorbisfile be capable of?

Certainly player support is needed, and there needs to be someway to get 
information about track correlation, probably skeleton. From my projects 
perspective, oggfile is not really required. Between directshow's framework 
and my filters, i've already implemented all the capability oggfile might 
offer, and i'd say the same goes for gstreamer and vlc. I believe my 
directshow filters would be fine with ogm/mp3+vorbis and i'm fairly sure vlc 
would be fine with it.

My filters default operation is to mix all streams and play simultaneously, 
though other directshow filters (ie morgan stream switcher) can provide 
stream switching (1 of n), though i will eventually build that in. VLC on 
the other hand defaults to play one and let you choose 1 of n.

Also, as of 0.70 the demuxer and codecs are completely decoupled. In other 
words, it's possible for a third party to add a new stream, implement the 
required interfaces and distribute a directshow decode filter, and it will 
just work without any changes needed from my end.

I'd say at this stage, it's probably fine for vorbisfile to dump anything 
non-vorbis, and play only the first vorbis stream it sees, ignoring the 
rest. Making it much more complicated than that you might as well implement 
a fully functional oggfile.


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