[ogg-dev] oggfile, skeleton and vorbis tools

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 14:36:38 PST 2006

(w. quotes from the xiphmeet:
<http://westfish.xiph.org/~giles/200603_meeting.txt>, I've tried to
strip it down to relevant stuff)

<xiphmont> "Is there any interest in extending vcedit/libvorbisfile to 
do basic handling of Vorbis streams from concurrently multiplexed Ogg?"
< xiphmont> Yes, but that work was *also* tied to OggFile from way back 
when, and one reason I think OggFile should still happen.
< xiphmont> But in the past it's meant
< xiphmont> "be able to play the vorbis out of any otherwise valid Ogg 
< xiphmont> It's not very far to be able to select a specific vorbis stream.
< imalone> That's what I meant really.
< ginger> yes, it would be nice if libvorbisfile could do that
< xiphmont> ...but knowing which to choose begins to touch on 
Skeleton... if it's to be done right.
< ginger> yeah :)
< xiphmont> it's easy to say 'pick out the second', more layers to say 
'get me the English version'

I assume what this all means is there's no desire for any kind of stop-
gap libvorbisfile that does the "vorbis out of any otherwise valid Ogg
stream"[1], and that anything along these lines will wait until Oggfile.
My two further questions are then:

1.  What does this mean for players that currently use libvorbisfile
     for Vorbis support (I imagine Oggfile's api will necessarily be
2.  What happens to vorbiscomment/vcedit when Oggfile comes along,
     will they be replaced by something more tightly integrated with

[1] The motivation for this would be to allow current players to play
Annodexed Ogg Vorbis without noticing.


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