FW: [ogg-dev] Ambisonics und OggPCM

Silvia.Pfeiffer at csiro.au Silvia.Pfeiffer at csiro.au
Mon Nov 14 15:05:13 PST 2005

(second try at sending this)

This is getting very dangerous. We cannot take our flamewar to outside
mailing lists without making a complete fool of ourselves. Arc, would you
please refrain from doing so in future and rather come to an internal
agreement beforehand?

Arc, there are a few things you have missed:

The discussion on OggPCM2 was friendly and constructive and there were no
flame wars and the spec got much further than OggPCM.

There were many more people involved in the discussion on OggPCM2 than on
OggPCM and thus Erik jumped to the conclusion that it has superceded OggPCM.

OggPCM2 is covering a broader field of application than OggPCM, which is just
solving your particular problem. Therefore it would be better if you rename
OggPCM to something that is more specific to just your project.

Although both specs are competing and unfinished, it makes sense for us as a
community to focus on continuing development of a single one of the two. In
particular since we are now asking for external feedback.

I therefore suggest: LET'S TAKE A VOTE and decide on which format to continue

   WHO prefers we continue working as a community on development of
   (1) OggPCM or
   (2) OggPCM2?


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On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 03:10:22AM +1100, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> That spec is being superceded by:
>      http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/OggPCM2

The project has been forked, not superceded.

Work on OggPCM is continuing, the team working on OggPCM2 is free to submit 
their own draft but some are not welcome to continue work on OggPCM due to 
their recent social conduct.

I'm requesting that the team working on OggPCM2 rename their project to avoid 
confusion, prehaps to the four letter "WAVE" which would fill the first 32-bits 
as codec magic.

Neither team has produced a "release canidate" draft up for approval by Xiph as 
a whole, so both can be considered parrellel projects.


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