[ogg-dev] wiki & our community

Arc arc at Xiph.org
Fri Nov 11 00:07:01 PST 2005

I've noticed many people manually entering .. [[User:*|*]] on the talk pages to 
sign their contributions..

Just a friendly note that "--~~~~" is shorthand for your signature w/ timestamp.  
I just recently learned that, myself.

In addition, I'd like to say how awesome our little community of hackers have 
been oven the past week.  IRC, email, the lists, and the wiki have been abuzz 
with many of us hashing out different ideas and making them work together.  

Despite some of us having strong differences of opinion, we've all been pretty 
well mannered and overall respectful to each other, even when we don't agree.  

It's also great to see that we're able to debate and compromise without personal 
attachement to our arguments, something we really must always keep in mind to do 
as having a healthy, positive and cooperative community is more important than 
any one design decidion or code method.

I've been feeling prowd to work with all of you, even when we don't agree :-)

Now let's settling what few things we have left and get these codecs frozen!  
John needs to get these implemented by this week, after all... 


The recognition of individual possibility,
 to allow each to be what she and he can be,
  rests inherently upon the availability of knowledge;
 The perpetuation of ignorance is the beginning of slavery.

from "Die Gedanken Sind Frei": Free Software and the Struggle for Free Thought
 by Eben Moglen, General council of the Free Software Foundation

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