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rack00terry at icloud.com rack00terry at icloud.com
Mon Mar 27 22:39:44 UTC 2023

> Not to sound rude, but sounds like a 'you' problem and not an 'Icecast mailing list' problem.

It’s not a ‘problem’, it’s just a question of accessibility and privacy. Anyone can sign up to website. To join a mailing list you’ve got to either surrender your email address to the great unwashed of the Internet, or set up a forwarder, which is hassle. I’ve had enough spam and people googling my email address to uncover entire conversation histories to know that the former is not always the smartest idea. If you’re ok with it, cool! :)

> Again, I don't get why you're protesting an established mailing list. To quote Montell Jordan, "This is how we do it!" ;)

And I’m not protesting. I’m here, I have indulged the list by my efforts to join it.

My surprise is more to do with the fact that of all the (surely, millions) of icecast servers out there, there are (that I could find) a couple of defunct web forums, and this, a pretty quiet email list. That could be testament to the simplicity and stability of icecast of course. Certainly part of it. But normally with any core software, there’s a massive amount of comms surrounding it. Are other people using something else these days?	

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