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Mon Feb 14 12:29:10 UTC 2022



Is there a way, please, of being able to see historical connection details
in V2.4.4? For example, I wish to be able to see when a presenter
disconnected from the server and the following one connected in order to be
able to troubleshoot a problem. Since the incident, there have been
subsequent connections and, so, the admin page doesn't show the info I'm
after as it shows the current status.


I've had a look through the access.log file but this doesn't seem to detail
when a streaming connection is made or dropped. The software being used for
streaming is Station Playlist and I can see lots of entries for this but it
all seems to be related to getting listener stats!


Maybe I'm not interpreting the access.log correctly but if anyone can shed
any light upon what I'm trying to do, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks for any help.



Richard Bartholomew



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