[Icecast] proper ssl setup question

Wang Wang at pc-factory.at
Thu Jan 14 14:25:27 UTC 2021

That should be the right way to do it, yes.
I did it this way and it worked. :-)

Perhaps the reason why the streaming stops is not because
of the server setup, but because of ezstream.
Does the stream also stop on port 8000?

tyctor <tyctor at post.cz> schrieb am 14.01.2021 14:10:
> hi 
> i have question about ssl setup
> in icecast.xml we have defined two ports
> (8000 without ssl and 8001 with ssl)
> <listen-socket>
>    <port>8000</port>
> </listen-socket>
> <listen-socket>
>    <port>8001</port>
>    <ssl>1</ssl>
> </listen-socket>
> on backend side there is ezstream which streams mp3 recordings to port
> 8000 (without ssl)
> we are using port 8001 (with ssl) from our website, where audio player
> use it as src
> it is because our site is running on https only, so every link and src
> need to go via ssl
> we are using icecast builded with ssl from repository 
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/xiph/xUbuntu_18.04/
> is this proper way how should be ssl configured and used on icecast?
> i am asking because once in a while icecast stop streaming on port 8001
> and need to be restarted to continue
> thanks for any hints
> tyctor

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