[Icecast] proper ssl setup question

tyctor tyctor at post.cz
Thu Jan 14 13:10:06 UTC 2021


i have question about ssl setup
in icecast.xml we have defined two ports
(8000 without ssl and 8001 with ssl)


on backend side there is ezstream which streams mp3 recordings to port
8000 (without ssl)

we are using port 8001 (with ssl) from our website, where audio player
use it as src
it is because our site is running on https only, so every link and src
need to go via ssl

we are using icecast builded with ssl from repository 

is this proper way how should be ssl configured and used on icecast?
i am asking because once in a while icecast stop streaming on port 8001
and need to be restarted to continue

thanks for any hints

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