[Icecast] queue-size

Milton Huang mph at emotrics.com
Wed Dec 15 21:40:08 UTC 2021

Hi all,
I just want to make sure I understand what the `queue-size` setting does in
icecast.xml. My understanding is that for each mountpoint, a buffer of that
size (default 0.5 MB) is maintained for serving to all connected clients.
Each client is fed from that buffer, and if their connection lags so they
can't keep up with the queue contents, they get kicked with a 'client has
fallen too far behind' message in the log.

I assume if we divide the queue-size by the mount's bitrate we would get
the duration of how slow a connection can be which is a limit on possible
latency of clients.

On the client side, there is an input buffer to help with poor connections.
This will be filled at the initial connection with a burst-on-connect if
enabled in the icecast settings. There will be an initial delay in play
while the buffer is filled, which the burst should help reduce. Obviously,
the burst-size has to be smaller than the queue size, or you will defeat
the purpose of the burst.

Do I have this all right? Any comments or clarifications?

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