[Icecast] Prefered way to check if mountpoint is in use

tyctor tyctor at post.cz
Thu Dec 9 22:39:48 UTC 2021

hi icecast masters

i have question what is prefered way to check if icecast mount point is
in use.
what i want to achieve is to start source ezstream as soon as mount
point is free.
probably i have two choices:
 - check icecast status and parse response
 - connect directly to omunt point with PUT request and check if
icecast response is "Mountpoint in use"

which way is prefered? or is there another way how to do it? 
is ok if i repeat this check once per second?

i have also defined fallback mount point to avoid client disconnections
where short loop is still playing

is it proper way how i doing it?

thanks for any tips 

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