[Icecast] switch a source, idea?

unosonic un at aporee.org
Wed Nov 25 15:23:27 UTC 2020

Jordan Erickson:
> That all depends on your source client capabilities and how well you could
> automate that task. I'd think ices2 would be a pretty good route as it is
> scriptable. You could just use different config files with the necessary
> configuration for each scenario.

the sources are liquidsoap and libretime (liquidsoap), both on different servers.
but when I re-think about it, I'd need a function which works like a "redirect" in a webserver.
client connects to icecast:8000/stream1 and gets redirected to icecast:8000/stream2
Can't find anything in the docs. 

> You can temporarily move listeners from mountpoint to mountpoint within the

that would be also ok, since it can be called easily from a script, but that,
as far as I know, only moves the current listeners to another mointpont. 

> On 11/24/20 6:53 AM, unosonic wrote:
> > 
> > hi there,
> > 
> > let's say I have a mountpoint /important with a source a, and a mountpoint /notimportant with source b
> > now I have to switch source a and b so that the content of source b plays on mountpoint /important
> > mountpoint /notimportant is, well, not so important
> > 
> > of course I can do it manually, but I wonder if there is a trick to accomplish that
> > programmatically or within icecast. ideas welcome!
> > thx, u

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