[Icecast] switch a source, idea?

Jordan Erickson jordan at coolmic.net
Tue Nov 24 18:16:24 UTC 2020

That all depends on your source client capabilities and how well you 
could automate that task. I'd think ices2 would be a pretty good route 
as it is scriptable. You could just use different config files with the 
necessary configuration for each scenario.

You can temporarily move listeners from mountpoint to mountpoint within 
the admin interface, but that's a temporary thing afaik. Not sure if the 
API exposes any of that functionality, though this is veering off of 
your original goal I think.


On 11/24/20 6:53 AM, unosonic wrote:
> hi there,
> let's say I have a mountpoint /important with a source a, and a mountpoint /notimportant with source b
> now I have to switch source a and b so that the content of source b plays on mountpoint /important
> mountpoint /notimportant is, well, not so important
> of course I can do it manually, but I wonder if there is a trick to accomplish that
> programmatically or within icecast. ideas welcome!
> thx, u
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