[Icecast] New to list - struggling with restream of icecast

Christian Scharff christian at scharff-home.de
Fri Nov 20 11:57:17 UTC 2020


I did a config with liquidsoap - and busically it works.
It was a bit difficult to get around some undocumented feates, like it 
does not run as root, etc....
Just wondering, if liquidsoap always does a transcode when I define the 
output.icecast(%mp3,......) ?



Am 18.11.2020 um 21:42 schrieb Paul Martin:
> On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 12:23:54PM +0100, Christian Scharff wrote:
>> So keep the streaming keys and passwords secret, but let other DJs stream to
>> this server, I like to setup an icecast re-stream server.
> What you're looking for might be possible using liquidsoap, which then
> streams to icecast2, however it's quite fiddly to configure.
> Live incoming streams can override a fallback stream.  I use that
> feature for a hospital-based radio station to play out holding audio if
> their incoming feed is lost.

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