[Icecast] Looking for sponsors for future Icecast development

Michel van Dop mvandop at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 4 09:26:42 UTC 2020

Hi all!

I am the owner of a small streaming company in Holland, i use your
products such as Icecast. 
What i want to do is small sponsorship. Every period wants to do this. 

I hope more steaming companies wil do this so that we can continue with
your great products. 
Especially the control panel builders such as Centova Cast, MediaCP and
EverestCast etc i ask to make a contribution.
(we pay thousands of euros per year to Centova) 

I look forward to Icecast 2.5 :-) 

Best regards,

Philipp Schafft schreef op 2020-11-03 22:36:

> Good evening,
> in order to speed up Icecast development we[0] are currently looking for
> sponsors allowing us to provide more workforce to the Icecast project.
> We provide commercial Icecast support. Part of this is sponsored work
> with clients wanting to help the community by sponsorship. This helps
> our clients by having their problem fixed with priority and the
> community benefits also.
> Today I'm looking specifically for a sponsor for the migration from
> common/ to new libigloo including the initial release of libigloo.
> libigloo will provide a modern framework for all Icecast components
> (Icecast, libshout, IceS) that includes the common code of the
> components. It can also be used outside of Icecast context as a generic
> support framework for any C project.
> In contrast to fully commercial work we provide sponsored work at "pay
> what it is worth to you"[1]. Feel free to send us any sponsorship offers
> (in Euro) to:
> <management at loewenfelsen.net>
> If you want to sponsor any other task or ticket or have some other
> problem we can help you with free to mail us also.
> [0] Löwenfelsen UG (haftungsbeschränkt), see also:
> https://www.loewenfelsen.net/
> [1] We'll check if offers are in a realistic range, also keeping in
> in mind the context of the sponsor, e.g. cooperation or person. 
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