[Icecast] Re Jordan's Reply Icecast Stream Keeps Repeating Sent Friday 29th May 2020 At: 20.54.hrs GMT

Les Durno gilliano at tinyworld.co.uk
Fri May 29 19:54:16 UTC 2020

Hello Jordan,

Many thanks for your prompt reply with your advice.

I created a web page with only an HTML5 audio player, ( The page being on my desktop ),

with the listening URL stream source code. I started a test stream and a few seconds

later the stream was playing on my audio player, on my page, although with the audio repetitions

being heard after about six seconds.So I thought that this issue was because of

some, "Loop," effect on my PC. I then uploaded my test web page to my website host

thinking that this might solve this issue, however this did not work and the audio repetitions

were still being heard. Another thing was, that I sent a link for my test web page to two friends,

however they both stated that they were not receiving my audio stream, from the audio player,

although I could hear my stream, when I had my web page up on my website.

I trust that I can correct this challenge. I am fairly new to streaming. I am very grateful to

you for taking the time to respond with your guidance.

Best regards, Les.
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