[Icecast] Icecast Stream Keeps Repeating Sent Friday 29th May 2020 At: 16.19.hrs. GMT

Les Durno gilliano at tinyworld.co.uk
Fri May 29 15:20:06 UTC 2020

Hello Icecast,  

I have successfully done a test audio stream to the free, "Icecast," server.

However, when I stop my audio source, after some seconds, eg, ten, then once that audio stream

has finished, after about six seconds the audio stream repeats playing, then does so after the same

time interval, again for many times. Each time the volume of these repetitions, decreases.

Even when I allow the stream to continue, then the repetitions are heard over the ongoing stream.

I  am using the, "BUTT," encoder, version, 0.1.16. I have muted my mic and tried muting my speakers,

however that has not solved this issue. I am using the newest version of Icecast: 2.4.4.  

Also when I change localhost between the tags, <hostname>localhost</hostname> to another name,

the HTML5 audio player appears on my test web page and then disappears.

When I restore the local host name both in the XML config file and the URL HTML5 source code in my

web page, then the audio player is receiving the stream. My OS is: XP SP3.  

I look forward to your guidance,  

Best regards.
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