[Icecast] Icecast source client with web request/voting for next to play function

Konrad Kostecki konrad.kostecki at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:39:15 UTC 2020

Hi all!

Thank you for having me. I'm a person who encourage a small local community
for musical involvement. It already kinda worked, we are doing plenty of
fantastic things together.

What I am now thinking of is 24/7 Internet radio based on Icecast that will
air all of their non-professional music I gathered. Functions I'm looking
- frequent scanning of music directory to update music library for dynamic
playlist building
- to shuffle music on playlist fairly to not have same artist played two or
more times in a row, so all artists could have a chance to be aired equally
- from web perspective to have possibility for end-users to select songs
which will be played next
- replaygain support (radio mode, not album mode)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for any easy/ready solution, maybe I'm
not a coder but I can at least try to script something in bash or Python.
However, I'm confused regarding source clients available - Liquidsoap,
butt, MPD, DarkIce, DeeFuzzer, Ezstream (at least I find these projects as
quite active) - I have no experience with them and I can't really find
useful opinions. Can you tell which of them could be best for described
vision? I'd appreciate if you could recommend me any way I could follow,
which specific software components I would possibly need to integrate. Even
brief information will do!

Thanks! Stay healthy!
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