[Icecast] need a config help

Railgun railgun.michael at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 23:09:23 UTC 2020

hello my name ist michael,

because the administrator we had cant do the work anymore (bus factor=0)
and we need to setup and reconfigurate all things around the stream
settings, it would be glad if you can help me with the settings.

what works:

mount point for auto dj

mount point for moderators to overide the dj.

ssl conection (todo crome not suport it without anymore)

what does not work?:

at the old settings we could send "aim", "icq" and "irc" settings to the
stream, and could catch them at the status-json.xsl.

to announce the name of the broadcaster, the e-mail adress of the
moderator for music wishes and other things, and the name of the curent
show programm, to put them on twitter, and on the website.

if somone have a documentation how this works, it would be realy glad, i
have search all the web and only found things for darkice but not how to
catch those information.

best regards

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