[Icecast] SSL Question

Gavin Stephens gavin at stephens.net.nz
Fri Mar 6 18:16:51 UTC 2020

On 7/03/2020 7:08 am, Gavin Stephens wrote:
> So as I've just found out last week, Chrome no longer will open an 
> http audio stream from an https website.
> I've un-remarked and enabled ssl on port 443. I've configured the path 
> and I've used OpenSSL to generate a cert and key. I've then combined 
> the private key in to the cert and called it icecast.pem and 
> un-remarked the path to get it to read the file in the Icecast 
> directory. I've made sure Icecast is running as Administrator 
> (previously wasn't, so did this for further testing and privileges) 
> and file permissions on the icecast.pem file are all set correctly for 
> anyone to read and write.
> However, when when I view Icecast on port 80 all is fine, when I 
> switch to https no go. It is definitely alive on port 443 as I can 
> connect to port 443 just using http. Triple checked the config file, 
> the listen socket, port and <SSL>1</SSL> is definitely not rem'd out.
> Am I missing something or is it not compiled for SSL for Win32?
> Cheers,
> Gavin.

FYI Chrome just sits there saying establishing secure connection. I've 
just installed Ice on another machine and copied over the icecast.pem 
file and un-remarked the port and path areas for SSL on port 443 (not 
8443).  Same result.


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