[Icecast] best practice for high-latency connections

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Mon Jun 8 23:53:57 UTC 2020

What can be tweaked in the Icecast server to help users maintain a
connection when on a high-latency connection?  Would a queue-size (now
524288) adjustment help?  burst-size is the default 64kb. 

Most of my listeners use iOS (phone or tablet); I don't know how many
are on a cell connection.  Sometimes I'll see a particular listener seem
to have trouble because they'll try to force the stream to restart
several times in a row (I have a button for that...) or they'll jump
between mounts.  I'm guess the issue is high-latency so the stream is
dropping or momentarily cutting out, or they just have a bad net

Using my desktop as a client, disabling bursting seems to have no
effect.  Maybe because it has a high bandwidth connection? 

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