[Icecast] using Icecast source client as PulseAudio source

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Jun 3 08:04:08 UTC 2020

There are many Icecast source clients[1] available now.

The Coolmic[2] app is particularly interesting because it can turn a
Android phone (e.g. SmartLav+ lapel mic[3]) into a wearable mic for

Not everybody is keen to run Icecast though, some people may want to
mix-and-match the Icecast source clients like that with some other
broadcasting platform, Jitsi Meet[4], Zoom or whatever.

Is there any documented way to make the Icecast source client appear as
a source in PulseAudio so that any arbitrary application can use the
sound feed as if it was a local microphone?  For example, has anybody
tried to do this with PulseAudio module-pipe-source[5] or

We can already do stuff like this with video, for example, using the
v4l2loopback kernel module with gstreamer.  I provided a very trivial[7]
script for that and it would be interesting to have a parallel example
for audio.



1. https://icecast.org/apps/
2. https://coolmic.net/
3. https://www.rode.com/microphones/smartlav-plus
4. https://meet.jit.si
7. https://gitlab.com/freertc/gstreamer-chroma-key

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