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Thanks for answer.
I use icecast and liquidsoap now in centova cast, but i saw that i not have the functions of priority and layers. I will take a look at it.



> Op 29 apr. 2020 om 16:04 heeft Paul Martin <pm at nowster.me.uk> het volgende geschreven:
> On Sun, Apr 26, 2020 at 11:32:10PM +0200, Marvin | OveralWiFi.nu wrote:
>> I’ve a question. I have a station now with Shoutcast and shoutcast
>> transcoder for 2 bitrates. 192kbps mp3 and 64 kbps aac+.
>> I want to transfer these to Icecast. I’ve an working icecast server
>> but i need an auto dj that can encode 2 bitrates, 192kbps mp3 and
>> 64kbps aac.
>> I had a working setup, but my nonstop machine is not on the icecast
>> server but externally. Now in shoutcast transcoder i can give the
>> live dj a priority of 2, and the nonstop machine a priority of 1, so
>> djs can login over the nonstop.
>> Who can help me and can tell me the working setup of icecast with
>> ices cc or liquidsoap?
> Liquidsoap can definitely do what you want, feeding into Icecast.
> You can set up feeds such that one has priority over another, such
> that if the higher priority one is not present, the lower priority one
> gets used, and do fancy things like smooth crossfades between sources.
> I personally use that facility to provide a breakdown message if a
> feed goes offline or it goes silent for more than 30 seconds.
> Have a look at the recipes that are on the Liquidsoap site.
> Liquidsoap will decode almost anything you can feed at it and output
> in many formats simultaneously.  For 64kbps aac+ you will need the
> Fraunhofer encoders (and their ocaml adapters).
> No version of ices will do aac.
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