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Wed Apr 29 00:19:30 UTC 2020

The icecast 2.4 is compatible with ssl, I use it here (windows server too).
Just set up your icecast to read your certificate (.pem).
you will only have to use a different port than the current one you use 
to hear. (8003)


     <location> XXXXXXXXX </location>
     <admin> XXXXX @ XXXXX </admin>
     <hostname> </hostname>

         <clients> 100 </clients>
         <sources> 1 </sources>
         <queue-size> 524288 </queue-size>
         <client-timeout> 30 </client-timeout>
         <header-timeout> 15 </header-timeout>
         <source-timeout> 10 </source-timeout>
         <burst-on-connect> 1 </burst-on-connect>
         <burst-size> 65535 </burst-size>

         <source-password> XXXXXXXX </source-password>
         <relay-password> XXXXXXXXXX </relay-password>
         <admin-user> XXXXXXXXXXX </admin-user>
         <admin-password> XXXXXXXXX </admin-password>

         <port> 8002 </port>
         <shoutcast-mount> / 8002 </shoutcast-mount>

         <port> 8003 </port> <--------- THIS WILL BE YOUR SSL PORT
          <ssl> 1 </ssl>

         <header name = "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" value = "*" />

     <fileserve> 1 </fileserve>

         <logdir> .. \ log </logdir>
         <webroot> .. \ web </webroot>
         <adminroot> .. \ admin </adminroot>
         <ssl-certificate> .. \ ssl \ CERTIFICADO.PEM </ssl-certificate>
         <alias source = "/" destination = "/ status.xsl" />

         <accesslog> - </accesslog>
         <errorlog> error.log </errorlog>
         <loglevel> 1 </loglevel> <! - 4 Debug, 3 Info, 2 Warn, 1 Error ->
         <logsize> 10000 </logsize> <! - Max size of a logfile ->



Em 28/04/2020 17:35, Federico Miniussi escreveu:
> Hello,
> Before writing here I really tried almost everything, reading the 
> archives here, the FAQ and dozens of more or less well commented 
> online guides and posts.
> My environment is a Windows server, with IIS as web server (I know, 
> blame and flame on me, but this was available on my hands at the 
> time). The server is hosting several websites and an icecast 2.4.4 
> running an online radio.
> The radio on icecast can be listen through its website (on my server 
> too) with an html5 player.
> Of course since end of january I started to have notifications from 
> listeners that were unable to hear anything due to Chrome browser 
> update and unsecure content (website is of course under SSL with its 
> cert).
> A patch has been forwarded by myself to the Chrome listeners by 
> instructing them how to allow the unsecure content from the radio's 
> website in the settings of chrome, then I started to find the solution.
> As you of course know, the windows package of icecast 2.4.4 has no SSL 
> capability so I switched almost immediately into the proxy forward 
> solution. However no way as I'm not able to bind the SSL certificate 
> to the icecast streaming port (8002 in my case).
> If you have any advice about a possible solution (even temporary) with 
> a windows and IIS environment, it would be highly appreciated. 
> Otherwise, if you know that it is literally impossible, simply tell me 
> "no way" so I simply stop struggling.
> I have full access to the server so I can play with settings, install 
> other softwares and so on.
> Thanks a lot, all the best to you.
> Federico from Italy
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