[Icecast] Icecast Auto DJ

Marvin | OveralWiFi.nu marvin at overalwifi.nu
Sun Apr 26 21:32:10 UTC 2020


I’ve a question. I have a station now with Shoutcast and shoutcast transcoder for 2 bitrates. 192kbps mp3 and 64 kbps aac+.

I want to transfer these to Icecast. I’ve an working icecast server but i need an auto dj that can encode 2 bitrates, 192kbps mp3 and 64kbps aac.

I had a working setup, but my nonstop machine is not on the icecast server but externally. Now in shoutcast transcoder i can give the live dj a priority of 2, and the nonstop machine a priority of 1, so djs can login over the nonstop.

Who can help me and can tell me the working setup of icecast with ices cc or liquidsoap?

Thanks in advance.


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