[Icecast] Making the playlist history publicly accessible.

Darragh Ó Héiligh d at digitaldarragh.com
Mon Nov 25 09:53:20 UTC 2019

Good morning,

Further to my request last week, I am providing an update as I have completed the implementation of this functionality.


  1.   Write a cut down file  for each stream to the web directory in Icecast.
  2.  The file is not CSV. Each record is separated with a semi colon.  This is because the track names can have commas.
  3.  I'm only saving the last 10 lines.
  4.  Using the system.web and system.net.io namespaces in .net core, I'm reading the CSV file over HTTPS.   Icecast on this server is listening over HTTPS.  It's a requirement as mixing HTTP with HTTPS isn't supported in my configuration.
  5.  I then separate out the path and the file name to give me the artist, album and track name. I pass this as a list from the controller using a strongly typed view.

Thinking back, it probably would have been easier to do this with Javascript. But I am more comfortable with C# over Javascript.

Some day, I should really document this solution. There are so many scripts handling the automation of this, if I ever tried to get someone else to maintain the streams, it would be hard for them to work out the various flows.

An example is at www.ceol.fm/NowPlaying<http://www.ceol.fm/NowPlaying>

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I have written the playlist history to a file.  It's a CSV file that I store within /var/log/icecast2/

But I've decided that I want to consume this file by an application on a different server.  The different server is on the same network.
I'm thinking. I could just add this text file into the Icecast2 web directory and get it via HTTP to use by the other application.

But before I start working on this, are there any other methods any of you have used to provide the playlist history to the world?


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