[Icecast] Multiple connections from iPhones

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Mon May 13 09:18:04 UTC 2019

Good morning,

On Thu, 2019-05-02 at 18:22 +0200, Sytze Visser wrote:
> Hi David
> I have seen similar behavior and the conclusion was that icecast will
> connect a client once for each connection request. The double connection is
> a result of the player/browser that possibly checks if it can connect and
> then establishes the actual connection.

This is what we suspect as well. However this behavior is not yet
unnecessary but even forbidden by the HTTP specification as HTTP is a
stateless protocol.

Basically clients doing this are not conforming to the HTTP specs.

> If you don't have control over the source code of the player, you might
> have to live with the issue.

As long as you want to support products by vendors that do not care
about standards you need to live with that I fear.

With best regards,

> On Thu, 02 May 2019, 18:01 David Gibbs, <david at gibbs.net> wrote:
> > A newbie question I'm afraid.
> >
> > I have a site that streams to only about 20 or 30 listeners using Icecast
> > for Windows 2.4.4 and Altacast.
> >
> > The issue - I often see multiple connections started almost simultaneously
> > from one IP address, usually an iphone or ipad. The device descriptions are
> > identical, and I know my listeners are listening from home, so my
> > assumption is that one device is opening multiple connections.
> >
> > If I kill one connection they often all disappear from that IP address at
> > once.
> >
> > Is this something others see? Does anyone know why these multiple
> > connections are created?

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