[Icecast] Source client with HTTP PUT

Jürgen Bund Juergen.Bund at learnconsult.com
Fri May 3 13:19:02 UTC 2019

I'm writting a source client in c#, in which I'm sending chunks of a mp3 file with http Put to IceCast.
My problem is, that it is not a continues stream. Each http PUT request is an extra track.
How can I generate an ongoing stream with mp3 chunks, which I send per http Put to IceCast.
Any suggestions?

My headers are:

Headers.Add("Content-Type", "audio/mpeg");
Headers.Add("Authorization", "Basic " + authInfo);
Headers.Add("Ice-Public", "1");
Headers.Add("Ice-Name", "Teststream");
Headers.Add("Ice-Description", "This is just a simple test stream");
Headers.Add("Transfer-Encoding", "chunked");
Headers.Add("Ice-Audio-Info", "ice-bitrate=128;ice-channels=2;ice-samplerate=44100");
Headers.Add("Expect", "100-continue");

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