[Icecast] can admin folder render HTML files?

José Luis Artuch artuch at speedy.com.ar
Wed Mar 20 12:06:36 UTC 2019

Hi Justin,
El mar, 19-03-2019 a las 20:41 -0500, webmaster at berean-biblechurch.org
> I put a custom HTML file in the admin folder, but when I login to the
> admin interface then browse to it (e.g., http://server:8000/admin/myp
> age.html), I get "400 - Unrecognised command".  Is admin (or the
> admin folder) able to render only the standard Icecast files?
> I'm using 2.4.4 on Windows 10.
> Thanks,
> Justin
I do not know how to answer your question, but something that may help
you, in Debian GNU/Linux the path to an custom HTML file is
/usr/share/icecast2/web/index.html and it is accessed with
José Luis
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