[Icecast] Logging tracks played and listener stats

Richard G Elen relen at brideswell.com
Thu Mar 7 10:27:41 UTC 2019

Hi there...

I would appreciate a pointer to the appropriate documentation to help us 
build a database system to create our royalty reports for SoundExchange 
in the US from activity on our Icecast server.

I want to log artist and title from the metadata, plus the number of 
times a track has been played and when, and how many listeners in the US 
heard each play (ie the total "Performances", plays x listeners). I also 
want to log the total listening hours in the US.

I am sure plenty of people have done this sort of work before and I 
would very much appreciate some direction, either by pointing at 
existing work we can use, existing systems, appropriate documentation, 
or suitable approaches.

Many thanks in advance!

--Richard E

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