[Icecast] Files not populated in var/www

Bjarne Bartlett bjarne at hawaii.edu
Tue Jul 23 00:23:51 UTC 2019



[2019-07-22  13:25:18] INFO main/main Icecast 2.4.4 server started

[2019-07-22  13:25:18] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate No SSL capability
on          any configured ports

[2019-07-22  13:25:18] INFO stats/_stats_thread stats thread started

[2019-07-22  13:25:18] INFO yp/yp_update_thread YP update thread started

[2019-07-22  13:26:23] INFO main/_server_proc Caught halt request, shutting
down         ...

[2019-07-22  13:26:23] INFO main/main Shutting down

[2019-07-22  13:26:23] INFO fserve/fserve_shutdown file serving stopped

[2019-07-22  13:26:24] INFO slave/_slave_thread shutting down current relays

[2019-07-22  13:26:24] INFO slave/_slave_thread Slave thread shutdown

[2019-07-22  13:26:24] INFO auth/auth_shutdown Auth shutdown

[2019-07-22  13:26:24] INFO yp/yp_shutdown YP thread down

[2019-07-22  13:26:24] INFO stats/stats_shutdown stats thread finished


From: Bjarne Bartlett <bjarne at hawaii.edu> 
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 2:09 PM
To: icecast at xiph.org
Subject: Files not populated in var/www



I would love any advice configuring icecast on a virtual redhat server
hosted by our university. I am currently trying to configure Icecast and
cannot get the icecast server to start. The config file looks correct. I
checked the /var/www/icecast/web and /var/www/icecast/admin folders and they
were both empty, leading me to believe that this is why the server will not
start. Since I was installing with my sudoer account, not root, I thought
this might be a permissions issue and set 664 permissions to all files in
var/www and 775 permissions to all directories. The icecast installation
still won't populate var/www/icecast/. on this web server. Is there anything
else that I am overlooking? 





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