[Icecast] Icecast Digest, Vol 176, Issue 3

Damian db76 at riseup.net
Tue Feb 5 12:03:07 UTC 2019


>>> Either you called ./configure with --disable-yp or with --without-curl (see
>>> XIPH_PATH_CURL definitio in m4/xiph_curl.m4)
>> So, I can see this… but what am I looking for exactly?
> How did you invoke the ./configure command when you was building the icecast?

I extracted the source tarball in the /tmp directory. I then moved the exracted icecast dir to /opt and ran ./configure as root.
You were right. It’s not recognising the curl library. I ran ./configure again and it returned the following:

checking curl/curl.h usability... no
checking curl/curl.h presence... no
checking for curl/curl.h... no
checking for libcurl... no
configure: libcurl not found

I can see that usr/bin/curl exists. What would you advise from here?

>>> or your
>>> curl does meet the tested criteria. E.g. You are missing curl header files or
>>> you have too old curl. What does ./configure output tell about curl support?
>> I’m not sure … can you explain what I need to do / where to look to find this out?
>> I’m feeling my way in the dark with most of this.

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