[Icecast] Release of libshout 2.4.2

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Tue Apr 30 09:47:54 UTC 2019

Good morning,

we're happy to announce the release of libshout 2.4.2. The new version
includes several fixes as well as improvements.

Major changes:
      * Several fixes when invalid strings are passed to the library
      * Fixes and improvements in the build system
      * Fixes related to using libshout on Android
      * TLS handling has completely be rewritten. This includes many
        improvements and fixes for autodetection, used modes, and
        handling of buggy peers.
      * The internal statemachine has been rewritten and is the
        foundation to upcoming improvements. On of the improvements that
        this enabled are the TLS related changes above.
      * Documentation has been updated.

You can find our news entry at:

Downloads can be found at:

With best regards,

 (Rah of PH2)

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