[Icecast] Custom Hooks

Alex Hackney me at alexhackney.com
Thu Nov 8 17:45:33 UTC 2018

I actually got this to work this morning finally. The problem was on my 
auth server.

I see the source auth hook being sent a lot, is there anyway to get the 
current metadata in that hook?

Ideally, every time the source is updated, I'd like to get a hook so I 
can track the songs that are being played. Alternatively, the only way I 
can see doing it, is to make a get request every X seconds and watch for 
the song to change.


On 11/7/2018 9:38 AM, Philipp Schafft wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> On Wed, 2018-11-07 at 08:08 -0500, Alex Hackney wrote:
>> When I stream with winamp, it appears to ask for a username and password
>> Everytime. If I just set the return to true no matter what, will it prevent
>> the client from asking for a password?
> This sounds like there is a configuration problem. Icecast by itself
> does not send a 401 without a negative reply from the server (or a
> backend failure).
> Maybe you can share your <mount> block (with passwords removed (if any))
> with us?
> Please also check your error.log for any problems. Related lines should
> include "auth" somewhere in them.
> With best regards,
>> On Sun, Nov 4, 2018, 06:57 Thomas B. Rücker <thomas at ruecker.fi wrote:
>>> On 11/02/2018 11:41 PM, Alex Hackney wrote:
>>>> I am looking for a way that I can use to send a hook to my api when
>>>> particular things happen.
>>>> For instance, i need to know when listeners or sources connect or
>>>> disconnect and when song meta data changes on a stream.
>>>> I see this data on the log and can write a script to do it by
>>>> monitoring the log but does icecast have a better way?
>>>> Almost looks like the auth block could do it but I don't want to
>>>> prompt listeners for a login.
>>> That's actually how you do it. You use the URL-auth backend and always
>>> return positive authentication.
>>> Please make sure that you are running version 2.4.4 though. Older
>>> versions have a security issue in the URL-auth code!
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