[Icecast] Why "has fallen too far behind"?

Greg Ogonowski greg at indexcom.com
Wed May 23 02:42:00 UTC 2018

"The man with two clocks knoweth not the time."

The audio source clock does not match the audio destination clock, and
sooner or later, something needs to "give." This causes buffer under/over

The ICY protocol has no provision for timestamps which can be used to help
circumvent this in player clients, if supported.

HLS and DASH have this ability.





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We are seeing in Firebase this kind of errors:


eption: Response code: 401


So, after 12h trying to reproduce the error we saw what's happening. If the
listener connection buffer due to anything, Icecast remove it's connection
and log the item bellow:


    [2018-05-22  23:17:24] INFO source/send_to_listener Client 220977
(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) has fallen too far behind, removing


My question is:

1.	Why Icecast need to do this?
2.	Why the client can't reconnect?
3.	The error 401 is when the client tries to reconnect and our auth




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