[Icecast] How to log querystring values?

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 Thanks so much for your time and relpy.
 This dawn, before read your email, I worked to implement the URL authentication and it worked like a charm. I am still using querystring instead of custom header field because I have no control over the player. But, the excelent news is, no more rproxy! =)
 And you were right, this way I have more possibilities than before!
 Again, thanks so much and congrats for the awesome job.
 ps: Icecast is so far more efficient than SHOUTcast and a lot websites says they have no big differences, why?

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Good Morning Thiago,

On Sun, 2018-05-06 at 10:23 -0300, subscription at nextdial.com.br wrote:
> Dear Philipp,
> Thanks for you reply.
> My goal is to show in our analytics page segmented data (official apps,
> partner apps, third-party apps, demographic and geo).

> To do so each app pass some values in the query string (ie: app id,
> user id, lat, lng). And I need to know those values in order to do
> that.

I would recommend to add those to (a) custom header field(s). You can
then log that by using URL auth. This is to the standards and will also
add more flexibility to the system, such as real time stats.

If you really, really need to pass the parameters using query string
parameters we could implement a separate logfile for that. That would
keep the main log intact and provide a (probably better) parseable log
for those data. (If you're interested in this option contact me

> Today we are using nginx as a reverse proxy to Icecast to get those data
> but it double the cpu/mem usage =(

using a rproxy is not ideal and should be avoided. :)

with best regards,

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> Dear Mr./Ms. subscription,
> On Sun, 2018-05-06 at 08:35 -0300, subscription at nextdial.com.br wrote:
> > I need to get some values passed in the querystring request in the log
> > file.
> >
> > Something like that bellow:
> >
> > ie: "GET /radio?id=1 HTTP/1.1" instead of only "GET /radio HTTP/1.1"
> >
> > Do I need to change something in the source and compile? Or there is
> > another way?
> What exactly is your goal? Maybe you can give us a bit of an
> understanding of the context.
> Query parameters are to be interpreted by the server, in this case
> Icecast, not external software. Therefore I suspect that there is a
> better solution for your problem.

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