[Icecast] IceCast 2.3.x v. 2.4.x connections? Difference?

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Wed Jul 25 21:36:16 UTC 2018

Hi, thanks for reply back to me, it was my mistake I used the same number:8000 at the listening port to remote that computer. I changed the number at the listening port, now I am back on.        Best regards,  Miguel Jean 

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Subject: [Icecast] IceCast 2.3.x v. 2.4.x connections? Difference?
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2018 16:00:10 +0000 (UTC)

I've got a new piece of software I am trying out, and its presenting an a 
couple of issues.

First, lets tackle something in its setup..

It makes a distinction between IceCast 2.3.x connections and 2.4.x 
connections. I was not aware there was a difference, but not something I 
look at either....DarkIce and EZStream all connect up to either of my 2.3 
or 2.4 servers.. Some of these are probably not the latest and greatest 
and DarkIce I don't think gets any updates of recent that would cross 2.3 
v. 2.4 barriers.

This software in question won't connect to the 2.3 one, thats an issue 
for it, but is there a difference? 

My various sources right now can be moved around from 2.3 to 2.4 with out 
issue, except this source.

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