[Icecast] appearing in Icecast directory when changing stream provider

SLY LM contact at onstreetradio.com
Wed Jul 4 10:12:50 UTC 2018

Dear community,

My webradio is currently appearing in Icecast directory there

I didn't do it It surely was done directly by my streaming provider
radionomy. In radionomy I have access to nothing but the stream link

The thing is we are leaving radionomy for another stream provider.  How to
keep appearing in Icecast directory then ? The only thing my provider gave
me is this link  http://sv2.vestaradio.com/ONSTREET (sometimes it makes
wrong redirection though, according to muses radio player team I can use
that link too

Of Course I don't use centova cast but my stream provider's own manager
(which certainly runs under centova itself but I can't be sure)

Thanks for taking time to answer.

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