[Icecast] Mount with Relay: Fallback-override does not work

ak18 at 5x9.de ak18 at 5x9.de
Mon Aug 6 12:26:26 UTC 2018

Am 05.08.2018 um 21:40 schrieb Paul Martin:
> Fallback to a file just fills up buffers as fast as it can.  Not a
> good idea at all as Icecast will keep buffering pretty much until it
> runs out of memory if you're operating a relay.  Better to use a local
> encoder (eg. liquidsoap) which does proper rate limiting.
Thank you, but the buffering is not my problem, because I'm using a 
master-icecast-server which buffers the file only one time for all 
slave-icecast-servers. "liquidsoap" is not available for windows!?
>> Problem 2:
>> I also found that <limit-rate> (I did not find this option in the
>> dokumentation, why?)
> Are you using the standard icecast2 or the kh (Karl Heyes) version?
I'm using the versions from icecast.org.

Thanks so far

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