[Icecast] streaming help

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 01:49:25 UTC 2017

On 17 Sep 2017, at 21:55, mark wrote:

> Hi all not sure if this is the right list to ask a question
Not really, ask the support of the playlist creator tool you are using.

> I am using icecast 2 with station playlist creator
> And I have in my Schedule  3 shows set one at 18.00 1 at 19.00 and 1 
> at 20.00
> The 18.80 started bang on time but the 19.00 started on time but when 
> it got to 20.00 the 19.00 show started again
> How I have set it up is just adding the shows in creator
> Mark.
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Not really happy to see such kind of advertisements on the ML. I realize 
might be your mail signature, still please avoid that in the future when
mailing to this list.

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