[Icecast] Icecast chrooted and ssl

_zer0_ gravity zer0___ at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 05:50:44 UTC 2017

Hi Philipp, thanks for your reply.

What I mean by 'works but ssl' is that the servers runs on port 80 without ss land works, but the ssl page on port 443 takes ages to load and gives an error.
IE11 complains about an unsupported protocol or cipher, Firefox says the connection is not secure.
Server address is stream.freemusicradio.nl
I think I will try cleaning up and use the recommended installation procedure.

Thanks and regards, Paul

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Good evening,

On Tue, 2017-10-17 at 07:51 +0000, _zer0_ gravity wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been struggling to setup icecast with ssl on port 443.
> I am running Debian Wheezy and installed icecast by downloading the 
> source and compiling.

It's very much recommended to use this method:

> This went all ok, including ssl support.
> When running ssl on a port >1024 and not chrooting ssl works fine, so 
> the certificate is ok.
> But when enabling chroot everything works but ssl.

> [...]
>         <ssl-certificate>/ssl.pem</ssl-certificate>
> [...]

As you did correctly, the cert must be present within the chroot.

> And my error log does not show any trouble:
> [...]
> [2017-10-17  07:26:37] INFO connection/get_ssl_certificate SSL 
> certificate found at ssl.pem [...]

That indicates that it's loaded.

How does 'works but ssl' show? What kind of error do you get?
Do you have a link to your server?

With best regards,

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