[Icecast] Icecast to Tunein

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Jun 20 15:56:48 UTC 2017

> Talk about doing my head in ... I've got 'Playit Live' sorted. Our stations
> shows are on there waiting .. I've linked my stream from my 'Playit Live'
> (Similar to Rivendell) account to Icecast and they report back '*on air*' -
> but WHERE ????!!!!!, How the heck can people listen to what I'm sending to
> Icecast? what is the URL that people need to visit to listen to our radio
> station? ..

Rivendell is a self-hosted Linux based commercial grade playout system 
that real radio stations use. I don't know about other 3rd party 
Software-as-a-service web based things. I think your issue is with the 3rd 
party application.

Icecast literally just takes in MP3 (and whatever other format audio) and 
copies it out to multiple "listeners" over the internet.

I think your issue might be with the "Playit Live" software or service, 
not icecast? Icecast is just the engine that powers the servers that 
duplicate the audio feed to multiple listeners. It doesn't handle the 
playing of music, or updating of 3rd party indexes like TuneIn.

[Client feeding music] ---> [Icecast server] <---> [Listeners]

In this case client feeding music is "Playit Live"

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