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Jack Elliott thatjackelliott at kpov.org
Wed Sep 14 02:12:14 UTC 2016

Any documentation for this?

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On 09/13/2016 04:48 PM, Andrey Vasilkin wrote:
> IceS-ne 0.4.2 for OS/2, eComstation and Windows based on Centova Cast 
> Edition. Many bugs have been fixed. Added new features useful for me, 
> I hope for you too.
> ftp://idenis.snc.ru/users/GreenPoison/IceS-ne-20160912.zip
> ftp://digi.os2.snc.ru/pub/Radio/IceS-ne-20160912.zip
> New features available in this version IceS-ne:
> - Advanced encoding control. IceS-ne encodes a stream in CBR (constant 
> bitrate) or in two types of variable bitrate: VBR (variable bitrate) 
> and ABR (average bitrate). You can specify the encoding quality and 
> values of lowest and highest sample rates for the variable bitrate.
> - Named semaphores control.
> - CUE file can be disabled in the configuration file. However, for 
> OS/2 it can be obtained at any time from the named pipe.
> - Character encoding for metadata can be set in the configuration 
> file. Before sending to the server metadata will be converted to the 
> specified encoding. It is also possible to specify the encoding of 
> id3v1 mp3 tags. Tags id3v1 will be used when there is no tags id3v2 in 
> mp3 file.
> - A new built-in module for playlist. A local path to the media files 
> can be specified instead playlist file. When directory specified, 
> built-in playlist module will periodically scan files and new list 
> will be used if it have been changed.
> - A new type of playlist module - "program". The module is runs once 
> by IceS and receives requests on STDIN every time when IceS need to 
> get the name of the next file. The module responds to STDOUT the name 
> of file and (optionally) metadata, maximum playing time and line 
> number in the playlist. After response module switches to the waiting 
> next request.
> - Log files. This version of IceS supports rotation based on maximum 
> size of the log.
> - IceS-ne can be installed as Windows system service.
> -- 
> Donations are most welcome! 
> <https://www.arcanoae.com/shop/os2-ports-and-applications-by-andrey-vasilkin/>
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