[Icecast] Source client (Windows and OS/2 versions).

Andrey Vasilkin digi at os2.snc.ru
Tue Sep 13 23:48:07 UTC 2016

IceS-ne 0.4.2 for OS/2, eComstation and Windows based on Centova Cast 
Edition. Many bugs have been fixed. Added new features useful for me, I 
hope for you too.


New features available in this version IceS-ne:

- Advanced encoding control. IceS-ne encodes a stream in CBR (constant 
bitrate) or in two types of variable bitrate: VBR (variable bitrate) and 
ABR (average bitrate). You can specify the encoding quality and values 
of lowest and highest sample rates for the variable bitrate.

- Named semaphores control.

- CUE file can be disabled in the configuration file. However, for OS/2 
it can be obtained at any time from the named pipe.

- Character encoding for metadata can be set in the configuration file. 
Before sending to the server metadata will be converted to the specified 
encoding. It is also possible to specify the encoding of id3v1 mp3 tags. 
Tags id3v1 will be used when there is no tags id3v2 in mp3 file.

- A new built-in module for playlist. A local path to the media files 
can be specified instead playlist file. When directory specified, 
built-in playlist module will periodically scan files and new list will 
be used if it have been changed.

- A new type of playlist module - "program". The module is runs once by 
IceS and receives requests on STDIN every time when IceS need to get the 
name of the next file. The module responds to STDOUT the name of file 
and (optionally) metadata, maximum playing time and line number in the 
playlist. After response module switches to the waiting next request.

- Log files. This version of IceS supports rotation based on maximum 
size of the log.

- IceS-ne can be installed as Windows system service.

Donations are most welcome! 
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