[Icecast] IceCast Stream stopping due to server client limit reached

Philipp Schafft phschafft at de.loewenfelsen.net
Sat Jun 25 07:44:31 UTC 2016

Good Morning,

On Sat, 2016-06-25 at 16:36 +1000, PSRFM Support wrote:
> Our IceCast streamer version 2.4.1 provides an aac and mp3 stream from
> our community radio station. We have recently had a number of
> streaming feed drop outs that appear to occur when the error log says
> the server client limit reached. The config file is set to limit at
> 100. I could change this but the connections keep coming until I
> reboot the IceCast program. We normally only have a few clients
> listening at a time so getting 100 plus hits sounds like maybe an
> attack.

Are you using AWS?

> How can I stop the drop outs in this situation?

It depends on what the situation is.

There are a lot access to the admin interface with bad credentials
according to your log. Maybe an accesslog would help to clear that up.
However the accesslog may contain more sensitive data.

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