[Icecast] question on multipul streams

Carter Temm crtbraille at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 00:24:18 UTC 2016

Hi all,
So I am pretty new to the ice cast concept and server. However, I have installed it and successfully hosted streams.
On my server, we offer hosting of ice cast servers.
For example, I have the main server in which I use running on port 8000. What I want to do is allow other users to broadcast using port 8003, etc, but with a different password then the main user. I am sure I’m just missing something here, but since I’m new with this I don’t really know what to search for.
I tried copying the icecast.xml file to another place, and configured it with the user accounts having different passwords, and the first port to 8003 and the second to 8002. When I type icecast2 -c icecast.xml, I get some error telling me that I can’t run from root. As you can probably see by now, I am some what lost
thanks for your help on this

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