[Icecast] running an icecast server

Marvin Scholz epirat07 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 15:58:38 UTC 2016

On 17 Jan 2016, at 15:30, Edoardo Putti wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'm in the process of running an Icecast server and I would like to 
> know
> some best pratices.
> 1. Should I place Icecast on port 8000 or should I change that to one 
> more
> common (80, 443...)?

That's up to you. It's easier to run it using the default port 8000 as 
that one won't require
starting Icecast as root and setting up the change owner part correctly.

Still if you want to use Icecast on port 80 and 443 set the <security> 
section of your
configuration correctly. You just need the <changeowner> not the 
<chroot>, have a look
at the documentation here: 

> 2. Should I place the server behind a webserver like ngingx or apache?

No, Icecast does not support to be run behind a reverse proxy like nginx 
or apache
and those webservers are not really made for streaming, Icecast is. So 
you would
most likely run into problems doing so unless you really know how to 
the reverse proxy properly.

> 3.Can I disable the login interface? what can be disabled?
You can disable the public website by removing some of the xsl files in 
the web folder,
you can't disable the admin interface. (Do not remove any files in the 
admin folder, it will
prevent Icecast working properly)

> My best guess is to run icecast behind a webserver, keeping icecast on 
> port
> 8000 and refusing everything that is not a request for a legit mount,
> adding a custom admin url.
> Thanks for your input
> Edoardo Putti
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