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Kurt Support at LSDcode.com
Mon Jan 4 23:33:46 UTC 2016

This is were it gets a little complicated
jPlayer http://jplayer.org/latest/demos/   Where music is played from 
the web site rather then from the client

At the creation of our web site we made a decision to only stream mp3's. 
All music uploaded is converted to the mp3 format. We felt the 
complexity would be less difficult
Rather the get into the multiplayer formats OGG, wav ect ect, we used Mp3
The listener is faced with having to decide what player they want to 
use, We determined the mp3 format was the most acceptable form.
To kill two birds with one stone, We offer on demand music via jplayer 
and streamed music via icecast. The jplayer uses the icecast stream 
(m3u) and offers it to the user
via the player at the bottom of our web site AMR.fm..... At 
amrstream.com:8000 our icecast server is displayed with its respective 
directories, thus one can use either the
jplayer or icecast, albeit the origin is still the same, IceCast.
We had trouble getting jplayer to play the proper ID tags, so we wrote a 
program that injects the correct tags into the mp3s so the user would 
get the correct meta data

Hope that helps
AMR.fm, llc
LSDcode.com, llc

On 1/4/2016 4:06 PM, Hannah Carroll wrote:
> Hello
> They have multiple links for there stream with different file types 
> how can we do this
> Also what is jplayer
> thanks
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> >
> > On 4 Jan 2016, at 23:41, Hannah Carroll wrote:
> >
> > > Hello,can you expand a bit more on how its not possible.How have 
> those
> > > websites managed it then?
> >
> > They simply have not. When I click those, it does not open in the 
> player
> > it says there.
> > And it makes no sense imo to have this kind of links, it's better to
> > have a playlist link
> > like the m3u Icecast provides and the user will have the choice to use
> > whatever player he/she likes.
> >
> > It is simply not possible, because those are all just normal files. How
> > should those be opened by a
> > specific player? It's like if I give you a mp3 link and say to you: It
> > will open in VLC.
> > There is no way this statement can be true in all cases, as it depends
> > on what player you have
> > set as default for mp3 files on your machine.
> >
> > > Hannah
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