[Icecast] Procedure to Install Icecast 2.4.2 in Linux

Jeremiah Rogers jeremiahzrogers at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 10:51:24 UTC 2015

Hello Philipp. Thanks so much for the educatin about why not to build myself.

The error I was getting, from a browser when I tried to open the URL to my machine running Icecast, was a 404 error and a message that it couldn't find the XSLT files. I'll install the packaged build again later today and provide you exact error text, but I remember it saying it couldn't find or process the XSLT.

Would it be helpful for me to do an apt-get download icecast2 and somehow provide the resulting download to someone off-list so they can see what I got?

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> On Nov 2, 2015, at 02:17, Philipp Schafft <lion at lion.leolix.org> wrote:
> Good morning,
>> On Sun, 2015-11-01 at 18:12 -0500, Jeremiah Rogers wrote:
>> Hi all. I'm brand new to Linux and want to install Icecast 2.4.2 on Raspian.
>> I used apt-get to install Icecast 2.4.0, and the install would stream 
>> music, but none of the status or admin pages would work. I ran the 
>> install by typing sudo apt-get install icecast2 from ~.
> Ok, that sounds right.
> What error message you get when accessing those pages?
>> I thought I might get better results if I built and installed myself. 
>> Anyone able to provide step-by-step instructions to unpack and build 
>> from the tar.gz, or point me to a good tutorial online for doing such? 
>> In particular, which directory should I be in to initiate the work? Do I 
>> need to use sudo? Once installed, what do I do to make it run on system 
>> boot? I will be running this install from a fresh image. Thanks!
> I very much recommend against installing stuff from source. This is not
> so much related to Icecast2 but a general statement.
> The reasons why I recommend using pre-compiled packages are as the
> following. The importance of individual aspects vary depending on your
> situation.
>      * You will not get updates. You will likely never notice that
>        there are updates out there. This is a big problem as no
>        SECURITY fixes can reach you. Thus installing stuff from source
>        can be very harmful.
>      * Most people install stuff from source without verifying the
>        source. (Or have no way to really verify it at all as they're
>        (cryptographically speaking) too far away from the source. So
>        you will run a software that may be altered on it's path to you
>        (this includes everything from simple transmission errors to
>        attacks specially targeted to you). Thus you can not trust the
>        software most of the time. Once your ran any untrusted software
>        your system must be considered compromised.
>      * The package is made to fit your system while the source is not.
>        e.g. the package usually installs scripts and helper files to
>        e.g. start a daemon on system start up or intigrate with tools
>        like logrotate. You need to do all that yourself and may or may
>        not aware of all those things. See your question above. You have
>        asked for it already so you got this point already :).
>      * If people run the package provided by the OS it's more easy to
>        handle bugs. There is a single packet that you can report bugs
>        against and the maintainer can upstream bugs or cooperate with
>        upstream in any way to solve problems. If you run your own
>        package you need to take care yourself.
>      * You waste energy. Compiling is process taking a lot of energy.
>        And there is no reason for the mass do to this as the
>        pre-compiled binaries are matching your system virtually
>        perfectly. Energy is the ONLY single one resource on this planet
>        we are RUNNING OUT OF.
> So for the reasons above I would prefer to work on fixing the problem
> above and not go with source code. Plus I think you will learn a bit
> about the system that is new to you. :)
> Have a nice day! Awaiting your response with the error message(s).
> -- 
> Philipp.
> (Rah of PH2)
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