[Icecast] Icecast won't start on system boot

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Thu Mar 26 02:29:33 UTC 2015

It fell over earlier in the day and I found it d.o.a. The logs--access
and error--were clean. I booted the system, which came back nicely,
but without Icecast running. I ran it manually with

/usr/bin/icecast -c /etc/icecast.xml &

and everything was fine. Of course I had to start streaming services
manually, but that was OK, considering there was nothing for them to
talk to without Icecast running.

So I thought I'd see if either the access or error logs showed
anything. They didn't. In fact, I can find no place on the system
where what happened was logged. Thinking I'd maybe find a clue by
looking at the system console during the boot sequence, I enabled
that, and watched as the system rebooted a second time. Still nothing.

Without a traceback or stack dump or *anything* to look at, I'm rather
at a loss. What really gets me is not knowing what could have happened
during the day to cause Icecast to fall over of its own accord, which
could mean I may have done something without even knowing I did
anything. But it's a new system, nobody's losing millions of anything
over this, and I'm still learning.

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